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Al-Anjal Virtual School For American Diploma

ALANJAL is not a distance learning model, it is a full school providing face-to-face live teaching through an  online platform which provides an amazing virtual classroom. Students enrolled with Alanjal Online will receive  live lessons and a full range of  support materials. Reports, parent/teacher conferences, classroom exercises and coursework are all included. This is school like any other, it is just online. Students remain actively engaged in learning activities such as solving problems under the teacher’s supervision, or controlling a simulation installed on the teacher's computer.

Our online courses lead to the internationally recognized American Diploma- Advanced Ed qualifications, widely used for entrance into top universities around the world.

Students completing the Alanjal Pre-College program will have achieved credits to the first and second year of a US/European bachelor degree and can apply for a wide variety of one year top-up courses to complete a full US/European bachelors.

ALANJAL online school uses a customised, fully-integrated version of blackboard learning management system (LMS) and blackboard collaborate as a virtual classroom for live lessons.

The advantages of using this virtual learning environment are:

  • very latest online classroom technology, updated frequently
  • browser-based connection using HTML 5
  • fully interactive classroom participation
  • faster, sharper Application Share
  • flipped learning goes mobile - use any device you choose
  • follow the speaker
  • high-quality audio and video
  • interactive whiteboard
  • simple, fast file sharing
  • universal accessibility

*No downloads required*
Full recording available in mp4 after 30 minutes Review all or part of every lesson as many times as you like